Johnny Narum Presents: The YOYOJAM FILES

Hey everyone-

I just wanted to share with a blog that I have recently developed that I called the YoyoJam Files. It’s a project of mine in which I will update the blog with in depth news of YoyoJam yo-yo’s, team players, and what fans around the world are doing with our product. There is main emphasis though on what you are all doing with YoyoJam yo-yo’s. It’s a great way for all of you to get your name out there! You just send a photo you have with what you’re doing with YoyoJam yo-yo’s to my email,, or you can also contact me via Facebook. I am open to just about anything, just nothing with drug/alcohol use, profanity, put-downs, basically stuff you wouldn’t mind showing your mom or boss.

Feel free to check it out here:

There have already been a few posts I’ve made, with many more to come. Til then, enjoy!

  • Johnny Narum, Team YYJ


Did you send the website to Chris of Yoyoskills like I suggested on twitter?

Great website and I really hope the interaction between fans versus the company prosper.

I can IMMEDIATLY think of one person you must speak to: Ryan Han.

Do it now.


I know I shouldn’t be talking about this, but can material/videos from former team YYJ members be included too? I mean, sure it’s somewhat a bad idea but at the same time it isn’t because those ‘alumni’ still impacted YYJ in such large ways.

Just a suggestion.

Nice page…and thanks for signing that YYE card for me at NER on April 1st. You’re awesome!

@kuyaChristian Why of course! There’s SO MUCH YoyoJam to come :slight_smile:

That’s great to hear, Johnny! :smiley:
Looking forward to them posts!

Here’s another one though. Joseph Junsay from Team YYJ Philippines. He’s often ignored by the ‘community’ even though his presence is large in the Philippine yoyo scene. He doesn’t place high in the local contest circuit much, but he’s still an amazing player.

And how about a history lesson for the younger generation? Like stuff about JD and the guys who were big in the early 2000s. I think you get the idea from there :]

Keep it up!

Legit as heck…Love the idea, and I just fav’d it…

Looking forward to the future of the site. I hope it doesn’t just die in half a year.