Easy way of Gyroscopic Flop

Sorry, I cannot post a video as I don’t have a camera. You know, this is my second post on the forum. Hehe. This trick is invented by my friend. He won some contest for yoyos.

How to do easy but cool Gyro
Instead of doing a slack(which is so difficult for me), you can do it like this:

  1. Do a Double or Nothing. Instead of using your non-throw hand index finger for the wrap, use your thumb. However, still use your index finger for the trapeze part.
  2. Put the wrap part which hooked on your thumb that is connected to your throwhand middle finger below the trapeze part.
  3. Drop the thumb.
  4. A light throw in the air to hop your yoyo backwards. Don’t throw it in the air and do a big action to deliberately hop the yoyo back.
  5. Pull and Gyroscopic Flop

This has been done, long ago.

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