Easter Break


It’s not perfect by any means and it was a little rushed. Made this over the Easter break with my brother.


That didn’t look rushed! That was epic dude… I’m surprised there aren’t any comments…

(Owen) #3

that is one fine video.


Sweet. I would just try to add a little less scenery shots in the beginning. However, I really like the element you incorporated by rotating the camera around yourself while doing your trick. Also, I really liked how you compacted that single trick over various shots it was pretty sweet. Good skills and good content man.


I love it when I can watch a video with people chilling out and going slow :slight_smile:
It’s a good change of pace from most videos that just try and go for breakneck speed
Good job!


That was a very good vid, I really liked it. Very nice combos and I like the very last trick, It was funny! Lol


Thanks for the comments guys.

The last trick had to go in there :stuck_out_tongue: