Early Yoyofactory

Found a box with some first generation YYF stuff. A few original Grind Machine in Dark Green (only 100 made) and some Fast 301 (metal not plastic), Fast 401k too. Also some Buzzon first Element X’s. Email if interested with offer.



I am not board compatible. Just spent 20 minutes trying to find my own post. I don’t PM because I can never tell if I am answering the entire board or sending a PM. I find this entire web board platform very confusing. I miss my old Dave’s Skill Toys board …

Anyway, from what I can find here, no matter how many times I say EMAIL ME, I’m sent a PM which I can’t figure out how to find. About to give up on the whole thing. Anyway enough of my anti computer and technology rant.

To answer the few questions I did find. All the stuff is brand new in package. Never even opened. I won’t have time to take pictures of each item until Saturday. I have a bulk picture of the box on my phone which I will TRY to post in a few minutes. I’m asking for reasonable offers. Best offer in a few days I’ll consider. AND AGAIN EMAIL ME … whistler42@swcp.com




looks like a bunch of nice yoyojam in there

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Looks like every color option of Hit Man in that bunch. NOS collector dreams

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^^^Uh yeah…That’s Dave…I’d be willing to bet he’s got a lot more excellent throws in his collection than that!!!

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it would be an understatement to call that an understatement

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Hi Dave. I’m new to the board and have been having similar problems navigating. I think I figured something out that may help you. I thought about emailing it to you, but I’m not confident in my ability to get the images to display inline in the email properly & in the right order. So, I will just leave this here and hope that you find it. :slight_smile:

And I hope you don’t feel I’m talking down to you - I was having similar issues & am sharing what I’ve been able to figure out.





So, that number you see above your avatar when you login can be misleading. If you are expecting to find an equivalent number of messages from members (or post replies), you will be as confused as I was.

Just remember that that number includes Likes, Badges, Replies to your posts, and Private Messages. It might include other stuff too - not sure.

BUT, just remember that the only two that are important are the messages with an arrow on the left side or an envelope on the left side.

You can change your profile Preferences to choose which kind of Notifications you see.

I hope that helps.


Also green notifications indicate a DM

To anyone coming in this post:

Email Dave, do not DM

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