Newer stuff for sale

Since no one seems to want the old stuff, here’s a bunch of newer items. One of the newer boxes. Most were samples from friends that I never got to open up or try. Some I bought to modify and never did. Was trying to make some of the newer stuff responsive so I would enjoy it. But never got around to it. Not much unresponsive metal because I don’t care for that stuff.

Interested in anything email me. Email don’t post on board. Not here often. David



What’s your email??

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any offstring yoyos?

A. There are pictures.
B. He explicitly stated email only. Dave’s not on the boards much.


ah ok thanks Durfee

That’s a lot of yoyos

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I’d sell the whole box if anyone interested. For a reasonable offer. I need to start clearing this stuff out. I don’t even know what I have any more and this is one of about 500 boxes


I’ve had over 50 responses. Will respond in the order received tomorrow… Monday. Gonna need my Desktop to organize responses. DH


Working on a plan. Everyone wants the same 10 items. Will be emailing soon.

Sure no one wants the whole box for $1000? Need to clear out boxes of stuff, not a couple items from every box.



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