early release

i will be releasing a product that hasnt been named yett in a couple weeks .Well they are 2 Counter wieghts on the end of a string with a lose dice(a dice in the middle of the string thtat can flow up and down the string). They are highly addicting and very fun and time consuming. they also look cool when done properly. Now these will be sold at about 3 dollars a pop. You may wish to ask for a certain color string. right now we have black,green,blue,pink,yellor,and orange

if you have any questions please contact me or elnooch07

I have deleted all the posts in this thread upon request. I will not tolerate anyone bashing or telling what to do or how to do it.

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Icthus it’s not that I’m bashing him or telling him how to make Astrojax. He’s violating Astrojax’s intellectual property. I’m actively involved in the Astrojax community and I know the creator of Astrojax. A thread was posted on the Astrojax forum about what was going on and he isn’t to happy about it. I’m not trying to be a prick; I’m trying to help this kid avoid getting into legal trouble.