Something Unusual for sale. LOOK INSIDE<<<<

Hey guys! Looking to sell something that I found around my house. And it is unusual.
Now what is it you ask? Well kick me when I say it but its a Yomega Fireball. But It’s modified to take a small sized bearing and is clear. But amazingly, this thing isn’t half bad. Has ALMOST NO VIBE and I can pull of Hour glass, Superman, And Plan D with this thing. And Im going to be selling it for $7. Yes $7 and this, thing can be yours. It will come with an extra bearing. So any of you modders out there wanna take a crack at this thing you will not be disappointed. This yoyo would be a beginners dream. And your gonna think I’m crazy but the STARBURST technology actually gives pretty nice binds. Can be siliconed recessed but will need some crazy skills with modding because the axle isn’t like your normal axle. It’s weird. But anyway onto the next item. :slight_smile:

Next is a good condition X-con. Siliconed on one side, gives nice snappy binds. Awesome for 5a. As most X-con’s and X-conVicts are. No caps, new YYJ bearing in it. Very nice Intermediate yoyo. And the color is blue. Selling for $23.

Next is a dyed red and black Mini Motrixx that has a couple cracks in it from the acetone but does not affect play. Really comfortable yoyo, really nice weight, has that YYJ vibe and same with the X-con. Very nice Intermediate yoyo. Selling for $15 dollars.

Now you can buy these separately or:
Mini Motrixx+X-con=$30
Mini Motrixx+Fireball=$20
Take em all for 40!
PM me guys!
Oh yeah Sorry no pics guys camera broken. Sorry! But I’ll PM you details.

Trade you an 4gb iPod Mini for the X-Con

Just saying, why would somebody Buy it for $40? i could get a motrix+xcon package for 30, then the Fire ball For seven, Save three bucks?

OMG 3 bucks! How bout shipping?

I would like some pics on the X-Con

I am intrested in the x-con. by siliconed do you mean lubed?

no silicone is where the response goes you put silicone so it can be unresponsive and give good binds

ok, well since you live in portugal and i live in the U.S. do you have any clue about how much the shipping will be

Lol everyone says that. I dont actually live in Portugal. I was born there and I just wanna represent. I actually live in New Jersey.

ok well one more thing what do you mean by yoyojam vibe

Its that all Yoyojam yoyo’s have a vibe.

Most yoyojam yoyos come with a little vibe but it is barely noticable

i am also intrested about the mini motrix. do both yoyos play like new exept they just have sctratches and dinges?

New offer PM’d