FS/FT 2009 Worlds Special Edition Marbled X-Con. LF: Mini/pocket sized yoyos!

Hey everyone! It’s been a while, but I’m back in the game and looking to get rid of some of my old yoyos that I don’t use much anymore. I prefer to sell but am open to trades, depending on the offer.

Up for grabs -

YYJ X-Con, 2009 World’s edition: This is an interesting one. I believe all the damage can be found in the photos, 4-5 light pinpricks around the rim and then an area close to the inner wall where the marble finish has worn off to expose the plastic somehow. Also, the previous owner put some colored construction paper under the caps that could be removed, I just never got around to it. Standard light old-school-YYJ vibe. I’m not really sure what a good price for this is so if interested make an offer.

Thanks for looking!


I cant load the pictures. Can you put up just a single picture of the x con?

Sure, I’ll try embedding it


i’ll give u 42 for the endeavor w/o shipping to canada, 52 if you cover. also interested in the rally, so if u have any ideas for both lmk

$50 you ship first hella shady. I also have 0 but I’m gonna have trades. I’ll pay $56 to cover your shipping.

Canada $50 straight bc of the 12 days waiting to ship.

It’s what you want I have vouchers and many yoyo s why not PM me and get this going



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