Eagle strings-carbon fiber/polyester wing light


So this is my first “quality” string purchase as I other wise used regular bulk poly string. I used this on a One Drop Prescription with a dif-e-yo konkave bearing swap.
So I’ll say the string is definitely thicker than what I was used to so at first doing a bind it shot up like a bullet to my hand… it hurt. So I swapped out the bearing for the concave shape to attempt to restricted the string to the center(which it definitely improved the playability)
The string is super soft to the touch and has held up to very fast throws.
I’m not sure if there’s some sort of break in period (you can tell with the bulk poly strings) so it seems so far the string stays consistent on how it plays


Let us know how it lasts over time as well! :slight_smile:


So far it has held up well finally got somewhat of a break in after extended practice sessions.
I will say the string keeps a soft feeling and doesn’t tear up my hands like bulk poly does.
After “breaking in” the string also is a little more forgiving when binding so it doesn’t immediately shoot back up but it responds more on demand.

I will hopefully be able to compare this string with the string labs AMMO and the Kevlar string



Nice! Keep us updated! :slight_smile: