Dying yellow poly yoyo string?


Has anyone ever tried dying yellow yoyo string? Specifically BG1’s. I want to use Rit dye to change them to orange to match my Sleipnir, but I thought I’d ask to see if anyone has ever tried dying a string that isn’t white. I did a search and most of the replies looked like this: Why would you want to dye your string? The color will bleed. Just buy more string.

So if anybody on here has any experience dying string your advice will be helpful. Just to save people from leaving replies such as the ones mentioned above…

I want to dye my string because I like BG1 Yellow Jackets, but they aren’t sold in Orange or Red.
The string will not bleed if the dying process is done correctly.
I have bought too much string already and I don’t want to buy more until I need to.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


I know it’s not what you want to hear, but dying the string after it’s made really isn’t a great idea. It would take a huge amount of labor to dye a significant amount of strings, could very well make them play much worse, more than likely bleed, and, considering it’s yellow string, it would be hard to dye it to the correct orange.

There’s a reason why no one dyes strings. It just doesn’t work well. Polyester is one of the hardest fabrics to dye successfully. Strings are made from colored threads, not made and then dyed.

Though, if you REALLY want to, try red or orange RIT dye. Mix the dye with some water, then bring the water to a boil. Leave the strings in for half an hour while stirring occasionally.


Actually, that’s really helpful. I couldn’t find anything about polyester dying and if it’s harder/easier. Luckily I wasn’t wanting to dye many, maybe 10 or so if it works well, which it probably won’t. I think I’ll just get some Rit dye if it’s cheap, try 1 string, and see how it turns out. Thanks for the help.


from what Paul from G Strings posted in another thread dying polyester requires toxic chemicals and extreme amount of heat so if I were you I would just buy some more string


If I were you, I’d get either YYSL Type X or Ammo in Roasted Peppers or Neon Orange. I think the Roasted Peppers would look sick on an orange yoyo!


I tried to dye some string with rit a while ago. Even when well washed, the string left marks all over my hands. Not cool.

I imagine adding heat or chemicals will change the string feel. Did not try.