So guys i decided to dye some of my string.At first i used this tablet dye but i felt like it wasn’t dark enough.I could still see some white spots and stuff. So I was wondering is there any specific dyes you use or any that you have heard about that works well on 100% polyester string.

RIT dye

I just got done dyeing my Luchador yo, a few counter weights and some string with rit and it looks realy nice strong colors.

Thanks for the quick replys, but i have a question. On the rit website i saw there are different techniques to dye the string which would you recommend.(I would think that the stove one is the best) ::slight_smile:

I jusrt warmed it up in the microwave just to the point of boiling. You don’t need a bunch of dye to do string, just enough to cover the bunch that you are dying. I used a ceramic bowl.

alright coooll thanks guys ;D ;D