Dyeing a fiesta

I would like to dye my fiesta purple, with blue splash. I need to know if it is made of Polycarbonate, or celcon. Also, what masking you guys recommend that is preferbably easy to make splash, and easy to remove, that leaves clean edges? Thanks. :slight_smile:

I’ve heard people just use elmer’s glue for the splash.
and I think it’s polycarbonate, but I’m not sure.

Yeah, I am pretty sure it’s polycarbonate, but I would just like to make sure. I thought about using elmer’s glue, but I read this:

I’m pretty sure “white glue” refers to elmer’s glue. Im thinking hot glue, but in my experience it is a pain to remove. But everyone on YYN says it is very easy to remove. Does the acetone soften the hot glue or someting?

Hot glue just comes fight off plastic.

No the fiesta is made of celcon. :wink:

Ok, thanks.
Since I don’t have to use acetone and can use rubber cement, what is better for splash: Rubber cement or hot glue?