Dyed Atmosphere


This is my first attempt at dying and I think it came out alright. Thanks to IV for making a dying guide :slight_smile:



It looks like a blue sky with some clouds in it. Very nice.


thats what I was going for but it came out looking more purple than blue


Very very nice!


look like summer sky.


Looks sick how long did it take ???.

(Justin the JeeJaw) #7

It should only take about 20minute.


Like justink1025 said, only about 20 minutes

(DOGS) #9

Love it ;D . How did you get it to dye that way?


I used peanut butter as a mask


Would elmers glue work?


It probably wont give the same effect, here is an awesome guide that I used- http://www.yoyonation.com/talk/index.php/topic,76643.0.html