Dyed PGM


I really like this, it’s the first dye job I have done that came out the way I wanted it to. Comments/criticism appreciated





That’s beautiful.



(DOGS) #4

That looks incredible! How did you go about doing it?


I used hot glue as a mask, its a real pain to get off once youre done dying though


Looks really good.


Great job. Really stunning.


omg now thats a handsome looking PGM 8)
u should be proud to own it!


Thats awsome, great looking how long did it take u


experimenting with how much dye or acetone to use took maybe 20 minutes the actual dying of the yoyo only takes about 5 minutes

(YYF/YYJboi) #11

looks amazing!
can u dye my pgm? ;D


that looks soooooooooooooooo awesome!!! what do you call the color??

(Thomas) #13

I would say pruple-vanilla. But still that is amazing.


blue lol


How do you dye your yoyo’s like that?

(BB) #16

hey die the hubs to that will be kool


yeah that would look awesome!!