My second attempt at dying a yo-yo, my Rebellion Golyat

I have no idea what I’m doing but I like how it looks.


that’s a cool mix of hard lines and soft edges. Nice cloudy vibes!

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That turned out great! Certainly looks like you know what your doing.

Yeah that’s really good looking man. Excellent work. I prefer these sympathetic, compatible colors rather than the “I threw a bunch of totally different colors in a bucket and this is what happened” approach


That looks great, what was the process?

This looks great! Give us the details! Would love to try dying my Delrin Wedge

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You buy some Rit Dymore which is about $4 a bottle. Then you mix it with water and heat it on the stove.

If you are going for more than one color, you use Elmer’s glue all or heat resistant tape to cover part of the yo-yo.

Then you dip it in the hot water for about 5 minutes and that is it. It works best with Delrin and POM yo-yos. They take the color the best. This is the Diffusion I did which was my first attempt, as you can see the color is really vibrant.

It’s pretty easy.


I agree completely.

There are so many good color swatches on the internet, which is a great place to start. I think the sympathetic colors look a bit more refined than the child-like clash of colors.

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This looks so dope. I really dig it.

JEEPERS-CREEPERS!! How did you get it looking so good??

Mine looks like an insipid tangerine, but I was going for a bold orange. Yours is way better!!!


That thing looks awesome man, really great job on it!

You don’t mean mine, do you?..

I’m just gonna say it but isn’t that Diffusion painted? I mean I feel like I see brush strokes. The Diffusion plastic is completely smooth in any pic I look at.

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I was talking about what @moby323 did, but that’s a nice looking tangerine as well :tangerine:

That’s more like it! Mine isn’t so great.

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That is a POM diffusion, it’s not smooth like the regular ones. That’s why I was saying the POM yoyos do better with the dye

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I thought POM was harder to dye (compared to other plastics)? It doesn’t take water as easily as polycarbonate or nylon.

Like I said I’m not very experienced but my POM diffusion took the dye very well and very quickly.

I used the hot water method, perhaps other methods have issues.


Might have to do with different formulas of POM, also