Let's discuss this FHZ shall we?

This is Ed’s. I found it in his awesome blog. It really fascinates me, and gives me an itch to want to dye some FHZ’s. I would love to figure out how to do this technique. I’m not trying to make any profit off it and don’t want any secrets hidden… I just want a fun project that will actually turn out the desired result. I don’t wanna mess around with super glue and dye hehe… I wanna mess around with dye and whatever makes this effect!

So I ask the wonderful modders on Yoyoexpert… Any Ideas?

Cookies to the first who figures it out lol…

Is that a dye or is it a transitional? I’ve seen a few transitional YYJ that look kind of similar.

It’s dyed… some marbilization effect. No idea how it’s achieved, trying desperately to figure it out :smiley:

The marbling is probably done with a glue mask of varying thickness.

Or he died it like a Tie Die shirt? Can you get pics of the inside? I have a friend who goes to a Club with him if you want him to ask? Or just PM Ed himself.

Peanut butter?

Could just ask him.

I’ve seen similar effects with a very old technique called liquid masking… basically adding dish soap to the mix to let the dye apply randomly. Never quite this complicated though.


I’ve asked many people, including ed. And according to eds blog, the guy hasn’t been around since 2006. But thanks for the idea. I’ve hypothesized that it might have been vegetable oil

Who did it?

Steve matchett

I’ve tried eds at yoyo club. It is pretty Kool.

You should check out how you marbalize dyed eggs. I’m pretty sure it’s the same concept. Involves a rag. You squirt dye onto the rag and the rag will blend the colors.

exactly my thoughts.

But the question is- chunky or creamy?

Creamy. Seriously, it’s used as a dye mask.

Actually, the method used for this FHZ was a series of dye “dunks” with Palmolive as the masking material

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Found this if it helps. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WyNzB-oEQ2c&feature=player_detailpage

lickinfrogz does very similar dyes and comes in the “other” chat room on occasion so you could probly ask him

I’ve also seen jeffreypang and skip get a similar effect so they may be able to help you

This was awesome. Makes me want to try to dye something!

imma gonna try it on c3 halos. This week