Delrin and Dye Adventures

Yuletide Exceed and The Incredible Hulkinyo!

I documented (poorly) the process here, if anyone is interested:

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A little fancier this time


These look awesome! Keep up the great work! :slight_smile:

Super nice!

How’d you do the splash

Used wood glue to mask!

What about the fade? how does that work? do you dunk the yoyo partially with tongs?

Yeah, it’s just half and half dipping! Which means make sure to plan out your colors if you’re dying multiple yo-yos at a time.

Pshhh tongs. I got fingers don’t I?

(Use tongs. I didn’t have tongs but for the love of god use tongs.)

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Great work on those, Marisaur!

I know that dyeing is possible, but I don’t know you can make popping colors! I’ve always seen dyed yoyos as boring and bland with uh, gloomy colors I guess, you changed my mind with these.

This is fantastic. Now you have me thinking about the shells on my Core Co. Standard.