DXL Battle 2010 2nd Round Tsubasa Onishi vs. Dylan Benharris

So i was obviously crushed by tsubasa but i really like the part of the video where Jamie Kennedy runs in when i switch i think that its just one of the funnier things that has ever happened to me in a contest so i thought i would show it to all of you so you can get enjoyment out of the video too.

(Sorry, for some reason the audio didn’t comply with youtube. So I had to use youtube audioswap, and all the music on youtube audioswap are cruddy. I just picked some random song. Sorry)

You did well in the Prelims too! I recorded you. :slight_smile:

-James Reed

hey dylen can you make a tutorial for the over the head spinning trick

This is kinda the tutorial for the trick done differently.

You did well dylan! you held your own and it was all entertaining to watch!

You did a really good job, Dylan! I loved the one where you held the spinning yoyo above your head as it went around the string.

I thought if anything you beat HIM! Hard to compare different styles tho

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