DV888's mint for only 50

I know a place where I can get them super cheap. If you were to send me a money order I could get you one in about 2 weeks. Ill pay to ship them out to you. this is not bull shit… if I can’t get them ill send your money back. or replace with one of my own Dv888’s not mint or a 888

Not going to lie, this sounds REALLY fishy

i know it sounds fishy but its totally not. I got a code for a website that lets me get them for really cheap. totally legit and if it doesn’t work ill send the money back.

You have a low number of posts, a low number of thank you’s given and received, and you don’t go into specifics about price or anything else.

Go buy your super cheap Dv888s and come back here to sell them once you actually have a product in hand.

Why dont you give US the code then? Why dont you give US the website? The whole fact that you’re a middle man does not make it in any way safe.

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if u guys actually fall for this guy u really got problems (not being mean or anything)

send me the yo first then ill send ya the money lol

This is considered undermining the store the YYE has set up here. Out of respect for all the free goodness you get from the forum, please don’t do this. It is no better than referring someone to a different online store when we have the product right here.

Thread locked.