DV888: what's in a name?


I never understood the name of the YYF DV888. I get the DV8 part, but why DV888? I always assumed the 888 was named that because of the hubstacks (3 bearings, 8 balls a piece?), but the DV888 doesn’t have any. Can anyone explain?


It’s just a name. That’s it.

(Ariq) #3

The hub area to the start of the flat rims is similar to 888

(DOGS) #4

Huh, I never thought of that!

And I think the name DV888 was coined from the DV8, obviously, but the 888 part was added on just to make it part of the “YYF family”


That’s a fantastic guess, but unfortunately it’s a bit off the mark. The 888 got its name the same way the G5 did - from the “Grind” series in YoYoFactory’s Project Red Alert (Grind Machine, Grind Monster, Grind Mutant, etc). I forget the exact chronology, but the G5 was 5th in the series, and the 888 was the 8th.

As far as the DV888 goes, patrickcondon is correct.