dv888 vs Onedrop Project.


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I’ve heard they call the dv888 the project killer. Just wondering why. Which project are they refering to. p1 or a p2 or both? For you yo’ers out there that have tried both which one did you prefer? The Dv888 or the project???


They call it the project killer because of its shape i believe, they sorta look like projects.


And I think they were referring to P2, not sure.

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The whole crux of the problem between the DV888 and the Project is as follows: Many people who are closely affiliated to One Drop and like their yoyos very much believed that the DV888 was a “project copy.” They thought YoyoFactory was copying their idea of flat rims and such, shown here:

Left to Right: DV8(The yoyo DV888 is based on) Project, DV888

And, although they do look similar, no hard feelings were involved, because the DV888 is not based on the Project, it is based on the Buzzon DV8 (with the permission and even help of Buzzon.)

This is all referring to the Project, not the P2, although the P2 does have the same qualities. The DV888 came out after the Project and before the P2.

Personally, I think the Project is awful. But that’s just me. I love the DV888. I’m sure plenty of people think the opposite. And now you know the whole argument behind it.


thansk again Xdohl. For a very clear and percise response. YOu rawk!