DV888 vs. One Drop Rally

I’m not planning on getting either soon because I love my DM2, I just thought it would be interesting to compare 2 really high quality YoYo’s (from what I have heard/read) in the same price range.

Absolutely love my Rally. Cheap, great performance, looks good and tonnes of fun to throw. I have trouble putting it down even with all my metals lying around nearby, it’s just so much fun. =)

Rally. The Dv888 was really garbage to me. I was rather let down on it!
The rally plays insanely well.

Also, these 2 are actually not high quality yoyos.
These are budget yoyos.

You want to compare an undersized, budget metal yoyo to a full-sized plastic yoyo with metal weight rings, made by two different manufacturers, for absolutely no reason other than you heard that both were good?

I heard bananas and durians are both good. Let’s compare those.


There’s nothing to compare…other than both being yoyos, there are zero similarities other than general price range. If you want to compare a Rally, a Yeti, and a Protostar, go for it. If you want to compare a DV888, a Minute, and a Token, by all means!

If you want to get any kind of remotely accurate comparison, you need to compare things that are similar, and were made with the same end purpose in mind. Otherwise you’re not going to get anything other than a bunch of ill-informed and fully irrelevant opinions being hurled at you from all directions.


Very helpful bro.
I vote rally. Blows the dv888 out of the water.

How exactly can you compare these.

Dv888: Undersized and metal
Rally: Full-sized and plastic

They are actually called budget yoyos. High-quality yoyos are more expensive, take the SuperNova for example.

Easy there Sisyphus.  Good luck with your quest to rid the internet of what you perceive to be ill-informed opinions.

By the way, it turns out you can actually compare the durian and the banana.

YES! The Shutter is boss. And the same price as your other options! I agree with what Studio42 once said - YYF should discontinue the DV888 and just make the Shutter their main budget metal!

I have played with a DV888 and Rally. The DV888 (which I have) is okay, mainly good as a pocket throw. The Rally (which I don’t have) is essentially the best or second best (hard to decide with the Yeti released) plastic yoyo ever. LOL. And yes, I played with a Yeti too, so I can honestly say that they are pretty much tied.

Hold up right there. You do realize the rally is better than like 90% of metals on the market, yes?

90%? That’s… That’s ridiculously over exaggerating. Like. A LOT.
You can’t say that, without trying every single yoyo known to man.

Thats a little high bud…

Anyway, I, and many others, hate the dv888. It feels like a rock on a string. Its not worth $45… I haven’t tried a rally. But hear its one of the best plastics out there.
I’d go rally for sure. Haha, and its 13-0!

Fine, it’s as good if not better than pretty much every budget metal on the market. It seriously plays in the leagues of top tier metals though.

That I agree with! :slight_smile:

I had a proto rally and fealt that it was just ok. Given from what I’ve read I feel the increased weight would help it so that’s what I voted for along with the ability to trade it more easily if you don’t like it. I don’t understand this hate for the dv888 though. I generally liked it as a yoyo but I enjoy undersize throws so it may just be me. It was popular during it’s time so I don’t see why it’s necessary to keep bashing it.
I also think the mention of the shutter is a great comparison since it’s at least full size like the rally

I enjoyed the dv888 but the rally seems more versatile so… There’s my vote!