DV888 Updated!


i ordered the dv888 and looked at the info needed
its soooo smalll, i love it:)!
is it smaller than the minimotu by yyj?
im super excited and it wont be long now until it arrives:)
cant wait, but the wait is soooo bad!!!

so is the thumb grind lip good?
will it keep your finger in there for a while?
i really wanna learn grinds:)

(JonasK) #2

I don’t think it’s smaller than a Mo-Tu, but it’s small.

And YOU are supposed to keep your finger in the lip. Don’t expect the lip to magically lock your finger in there (although it might, never tried a Dv888). You need some skill as well.


im still learning all these grinds :-
but i cannnnnot wait for it to come
does any1 own one?

(Infinite Chaos) #4

I will own one in the next couple of weeks lol. Just ordered it yesterday. ;D SO excited!


mine is in my country
should be comin in the next few days( i hope )
so exciting ayy?
your first metal
or do u have loads?
its ma first metal

(Mikey) #6

Takes a little more skill to do thumb grinds for me.

(Mitch Ginder) #7

I have 4, they are amazing


ok thanks

they mite come tomoro, if not i think tuesday

im, so excited
should it be dead unresponsiv out of tha box?

(Mitch) #9

Probably… My G5 came unresponsive…


but whats ur skill level?

(Mitch) #11

I’d have to say Advanced-Expert…



You’re going to need to get used to the 5mm gap. Its really big compared to what you are used to.


yes samad is right buy im sure you wont be sad with the dv888 it is an awesome yoyo and if you where wondering you dont really need a KK bearing because the gap is so big here are some reviews on it hopefully this will help

here is pandajoes review on the dv888 it was very helpfull to me so i hope it will help you 2


i was just wandering about skill level lol
im in advanced part 2

the kk bearing is for ma hitman :stuck_out_tongue:
im leaving the dv888 spec bearing lol

ps my dv’s at my local post office:):slight_smile: yay