dv888 thoughts

so i just got my first metal yoyo. i got one of the new dv888s that are suppose to be an updated 2011 version which weighs 67grams according to yyf. i really like it. smooth spins and pretty forgiving with bad throws, a lot smaller than i thought it was going to be! a few thoughts i have on it… its suppose to be red but looks more of a maroon color. still cool not complaining, just for other people who think its a normal red its more of a dark maroon. also it seems a lot heavier than my protostar/northstar. which the protostar is suppose to weigh the same and the northstar is a few grams heavier. why does my dv888 feel like it weighs more? am i just going crazy or what?

also after playing with a metal for a few days, i think i enjoy the play of plastics a bit more. unless other metals play a bit more floaty. i just like the way my north/protostar just dont feel like their there. where my dv888 is a pretty heavy throw… still a great yoyo.

done rambling, thanks for reading!

While the DV888 may be the same weight as the protostar it is also significantly smaller giving it the appearance of weighing more, but it’s really just compressed into a smaller throw.

i got my dv888 like a month or so ago, its the gold with red splash on…dude put a CT bearing in it n you will LOVE it trust me, smoothest play in my collection

i really dislike ct bearings… took them out of my northstar, and protostar, but i will give it a try just for you