DV888 suggestions?

just got a new dv888 and looking for what mods would be best. preferably to improve sleep time or make less responsive??? THX

Work on your throw and break the bearing in. Play it for around a total of 3hrs, and then the silicone pads will wear down, and the lube will break down.

also i got a ceramic kk in the mail will that help aat all

It won’t make much of a difference.

konkave bearings make little difference to your ability I personally would leave the KK in its bag and leave the stock yyf bearing in the dv888.
Work on your throw, break in the bearing and the pads and you should have no need to mod it, the dv888 is a great yoyo the way it is.

Play with it to break it in and you won’t need to worry about it “needing” to be more unresponsive. Sleep times? Work on your throw and you’ll be fine. :wink: