DV888 response types (how do I know what year my DV888 is?)

I bought a custom ano-ed DV888 without knowing much about them. I recently found out that there are several different versions and at least two response types. The current response system is starting to wear, and I know that there are replacement pads, and even flowable silicone to do the job. I’m not much of a do-it-yourselfer so how do I know what model of DV888 I have?
I have attached two pictures. The Bearing in it is an unshielded 8-ball, with a concave surface. I’m guessing either a KK or a centertrac. Oh and it started life as a dark blue color that is almost visible under the response on the non bearing side.
I absolutely love this yo-yo, so any and all information about the series is appreciated.

small bearing kpads or small bearing cbc pads

That was an extremely short but helpful post. Thank you, and how can you tell?
Also I noticed that my Protostar, which I know has a centertrac bearing, has a larger bearing. Are they both centertracs? one being an “A” bearing, one being a “C” bearing?

is the bearing like a U or like a v like and i remember that that was england 1414s old dv888 and he said it was small bearing so thats how

Yes one is C and on is A. The DV888 is the A, which is the small bearing model.

I headed over to the chat room and asked a bunch of questions about bearings, and started looking hard at the catalog on this site.
I was given this link http://yoyowiki.org/wiki/Ball_Bearings which is awesome and super informative. I do have two centertracs based on their profiles both U shaped, and one is an A and one is a C.
And then I looked at the DV888 descriptions on yoyonation even though they’re always sold out, and realized that there is only a large or small bearing, and that the small bearing are all the same, it’s the large bearing that changed pad styles. And because I know I have a large bearing in the Protostar, the DV888 must be the small bearing.
Phew… I’m tired. Thanks for all the help guys.
One other question. The pads on this site are white or yellow, but there is black response material… Are there different manufacturers for the pads? or is this probably another response mod, like flowable or gasket maker?

There are countless different types of pads, so, based on the fact that it changed colors, it was probably some sort of silicone pad, not flowable.

What does flowable look like? Clear?

you can use flowable