DV888 or tactic?

which one should I get?

Are you getting a BAC yoyo?
I’ve never had the chance to use a tactic but i checked it specs and its almost the same as a dv888, which i have used. The dv888 plays great. when i first used it, it was smooth and it has an amazing gap. You could drop a green triangle and still play the same. The shape of the dv888 makes it perfect for finger grinds and thumb grinds, which i hear the tactic cant do, due to the layer of lips it has. So i would think the tactic is the same, but its shape differs from the dv888 so i coul be wrong. im going to say Dv888 Imo but im not a goo source of info so you dont have to listen to me. :o

Go dv888.

DV888 is a great throw

but dv888s are good for 5a

Why are you guys all saying the dv888? just wondering

Mabye it’s good? JUST a guess ::slight_smile:

Lol :smiley:

Sorry! Its just that I had heard good things about the Tactic, and nothing about the dv888.

your the first person ive heard say that. I hear the dv888 is amazing and i agree. The tactic is a mixture of a dv888 and hectic, from what i hear. But to me the specs are almost the same so i woul guess they are the same.

Well I bought both, so I will have to wait and see

that would be better

I’m Getting a Tactic


Yea its one of the b grade yoyos i hope it’s not a rip off

I assure you no YYF B-grade is a rip off. I have one. They wouldn’t sell them if they weren’t good, just an anodize flaw is all. Definitely worth your money!

What is an anodize flaw

In simple terms the anodize on a yoyo is the “paint” on the yoyo. YYF inspected each of their yoyos, and the ones that had an anno flaw, were considered b-grade. They play perfect though. Doesn’t affect grinds or the way the yoyo feels at all. :slight_smile:

Why did you just quote all those posts and post nothing at all?