dv888 or some good metal?

hey guys well i just saved up a it of money and i want to get a full metal yoyo.
i was thining of gettin a dv888 or tactic?
any suggestions?
my preferences are :
loooooong sleeping
string tricks
not floatyish
maye a bit heavier
anyway theres my preference any other yoyos in that kinda price range( i love h-shape) please suggest anything

lunitic might be good it is bout $70

that was one of my choices also and im buyin it from euro-yo so its the same price as the dv888
any other suggestions?? i would really like a h-shape ut there all quite expensive

hey please dont mention another company store please because yoyoexpert does have dv888s

oh yeah soz bout that i get carried away sometimes :smiley:
btw does any1 know if any stores still sell frantic??