Dv888 mod

What is the best way to add weight to a dv888? So far I am using o-rings and I think it throws it off because of the way they fit.

Get some o rings that fit tighter. Or ad a washer on the sides.

The O rings fit smoothly, they don’t come out, but since the sides of the dv888 are so deep, they move inside, so it doesn’t add weight to the edge of the rims. Also, I have a twisted trifecta bearing that sounds like the balls are scraping the walls, is that a bad sign?

Tack the rings to the edge w/a drop of super glue. Maybe 4 places around the rim.

Unless you can see scratches from the bearing, it is the bearing itself.

Thanks and where would I see the scratches exactly?? On the inside.

It’s very unlikely the ball bearings are scratching anything. You would have to take the bearing apart to see if they were scratching the races, in which case you would need a new one. If your bearing is making a scratchy noise it is probably running w/o any (or very little) lube, which is ok. I prefer to lightly lube mine. They run quieter and smoother.

Oh also when I went to add weight to my Dv888 I found some poker chip fit in very well and I had them right near the rim for added rm weight. The thing was to heavy for my liking so I removed them with a suction cup.

And to ad a small amount of lube, dip a pin in the lube and touch a few balls on the bearing and spin. You will need to De-Shield your bearing first.

I already deshielded the bearing and ok, thanks