Dv888 mod

I love my dv888. How it feels in my hand, how it plays, how it looks. I love it. My only issue with it was how much it weighs(IMO). I wondered if it could play any better with a lil extra weight… And it does lol. I attached a washer to each side of the yoyo and it feels like a new throw. I wasn’t sure if I should add center weight or rim weight and I decided to go with center. I figured this might make it sleep longer. Regardless if it does or not, it plays like a beast now. Not that it was a “floaty” throw before but the extra weight seems to give me a lil extra control while hopping from string to string. Another thing that surprised me was that it is was less vibey. It’s just smoother all around. If you have a dv888 I suggest you try this. You won’t be disappointed!

Nice. And yes, most extra weight gives longer spin times. Like the C3 BTH, it weighs 200+ grams. And it held the Record Sleeper 30 some minutes.

Adding rim weight would tend to enhance the spin. Center weight, not so much. Adding any weight will change the feel of how it plays.

How would I go about adding more rim weight?

fat o-rings work nicely for that. You can get them at the hardware store - 3/16" thick by whatever size fits in the rim.

Awesome!! Thanks for the help!! One more question thou lol weld or krazy glue… Which is better to attach the rings?

I would use flowable silicone

JB weld, but it would never come off lol

Depending on how snug they fit you may not need any glue. The Duncan FH2 as well as a number of other yoyos used fat o-rings that were just a friction fit. Otherwise, I’d use super (krazy) glue. It will hold ok but still be removable w/minimal cleanup should you change your mind. Skip the silicon glue.