So I’ve been using my 888 a lot recently since I’ve traded my other yoyos and I’m still waiting for them to come. However, the big problem I’ve realized with the 888 is that the weight is evenly distributed. It needs a lot more rim weight. Does anyone know how I could put more weight on the rims? Preferably while retaining how it looks.

You could add z-stacks or you could go to a hardware store and find an o-ring that would fit in the inner grind ring. That’s what I did to my c13 and it got super heavy. I think 70grams heavy

Lots of aluminium foil.

I love my 888x it’s a great stable throw IMO

The slightest movement will tip it though.

Yup. The number 1 reason why I hate it.

I have the original 888 and had the same thought. I took off the hubstacks and now it plays like a completely different throw. rim-weighted, fast, and changes directions with ease.

Big Fat O-Rings Will Add Rim Weight.

https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTw97sh22WuN5whruEyPq6xSXbeL39baGc-JnNsWZN0Vu50HLt8 something similar to the middle one ::slight_smile: