DV888 loose bearing seat O.o

Does anyone else have this issue?
If I take apart my DV888 the bearing will literally just fall out of the seat.
Is this an issue or should I just take the obvious fix and not open it?

Mind you, I did change the bearing to a center trac and I seem to have misplaced the original bearing.

Be thankful yours is that way. Ideally, that is pretty much how most bearing seats should be.

A bearing doesn’t need to be “death grip” tight to the bearing seat. Using a bearing puller is OK, but past that, some YYF’s have had the bearing on the seat so tight you had to destroy the bearing to get the bearing off.

My One Drop’s, most YYJ metals, CLYW’s and many others are like this and they play fine. You’ve got no issues. It’s all good. As long as it screws together properly and the bearing is able to spin inside, then you’re got nothing to worry about.

Thank you!
I apologize for the noob question though. I’m still relatively new to this stuff haha.

No apology necessary. Ask questions and learn.

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