Hey guys i’m ordering a dv888…TODAY!!! I’m so exited!!!
And I know this post is kinda stupid but just wondering what the pros and cons are?

Use The Search thing. ;D

dv888 is a very very very good yoyo!! :o

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Pros: You get a super amazing yo-yo.

Cons: You’re other throws might stay in the case for a while.

HaHA very funny!!!

It sucks, I hate it.

LOL samad your picture gives it away… I’m hopefully getting one soon.

The dv888 is da bomb.

Nice…I love my gameboy purple DV888. Im sure you’ll enjoy yours ;D

I just got a One-Drop! Just a coincidence…

pro: it has long spin times and is very small so can fit in pocket

con: it is hard to get used to after a bigger yoyo

Pro’s: Your getting a good yoyo at a cheap price.

Con’s: Your posting this stupid thread…


~James Reed!

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I hope you guy’s will start looking at the date of the last post. It’s 11 months old.

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