DV888 and Duncan Raptor

so i just ordered a dv888 and a raptor since it seems everyone has em why not me. what are your guys thoughts on these 2 super hyped up yoyos?

IMO, Raptor YAY, Dv888 NAY. I’ll take a Raptor over a Dv888 any day.

I’m older than most of the gang here on these forums so I’ve have a soft spot in my heart for Duncan yoyos. When I was a kid they were it, for me anyone else was a wannabe interloper. That all changed when innovators started making improvements to the sport by leaps and bounds and for a while now Duncan has been playing catch-up to companies producing superior throws. Therefore my point of view is prejudiced by my perception that the Raptor represents Duncan’s getting themselves back in the game with a throw of excellent performance capabilities at a reasonable price. I like my Raptor a lot, perhaps influenced a bit because I’m nostalgic about Duncan.

That said, I pick up and play with my DV888 just as much, maybe a little more than my Raptor. They both are fun throws with considerably different feels for me…wouldn’t wanna say I prefer one over the other.

(that said, XminusmikeX is in a league far out in the distance ahead of me and I have a great deal of respsect for his opinions as well. Plus, notice how his reply has such nice a sing-songy rhyme to it. Very sweet.)