Dv8 Starter Kit

Please let me know if I’m in the wrong section
So,I’m still a newb in the yoyo world,and
I just bought the “new” dv8 starter kit that come with a spare large spec bearing and smaller pad. The thing is that the yoyo is way too responsive,I’m having hard time doing trick.I tried to swap the bearing, but it became unresponsive, and I’m not ready for this yet, well I guess. I’ve read that if I want to swap the pad I wont be able to put them back in, so my question is before I do a mistake and change the pad, will the yoyo still be responsive even with the thinner pad,? Or is it possible to chabge only one side? What are my option, I need little bit help here

Start out with unresponsive, you’ll learn quicker. At least that’s how I did it. First thing is learn how to bind!

There’s something you’re missing when you start out unresponsive vs responsive, however.

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It’s either responsive or unresponsive, take your pick.

The responsive DV888 is an odd beast for sure, if you’re not used to responsive play it’s pretty intimating but having said that it’ll teach you respect in a hurry :slight_smile: Try to break in the pads a bit, they stick way into the gap when you first get it but wear them down and it’ll be a little more forgiving. Failing that, replace the pads with the thinner ones in the kit but keep the narrow bearing in, it’ll be a lot less likely to bite you while remaining responsive, then when you’re ready just swap the bearing and axle for the wider set and you’ll be good for the rest of your yo-yo adventures. Good luck!

If you want “less responsive” play simply lube your full spec “thicker” bearing.
Or you could also try cleaning your half spec “thiner” bearing.

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Thanks for the answer guys, I appreciate it !

Try replacing just one of the pads. This should make it slightly less responsive but still responsive enough for beginner tricks.

But i won’t be able to put the old one back in, right?

If you peel it out carefully it may be re-usable.