Duncan yoyo cart

Does anyone know if they sell the baracuda at the duncan yoyo cart in downtown disney

I emailed someone who works at it and asked- I’ll tell you what he sais.

Ok he said that they didn’t have any there.

I met Sean Perez and Bryan Jardin there. They did not sell any Barracudas. But, because those guys are there, you can still spend a really good amount of time throwing and talking with them. They do, however, have Strix and Raptors. No Echos either.


His name is Danomano he works at the cart (I think). I traded with him.

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Dano the Mano is a super chill guy!

Yeah he is! He was super nice and generous in our trade too. Definitely a nice super nice guy!

I actually don’t work there, I worked the table at Florida States and we have our yoyo club meets there too!

Oh ok! Sorry.

Both of our carts stock and sell Raptor, Echo 2 and Strix. We will begin stocking Barracuda and other high-end products soon!

Correction, I just bought an Echo 2 there a couple of days ago… they do carry them.

Pretty cool, here on vacation and bumped into this place. In Michigan I have to mail order everything.