Why is the barracuda from duncan not on the duncan site? And what about the butterfly?


The barracuda was a pretty limited release, so it makes sense that Duncan wouldn’t put it up when it’s doubtful that anymore will be sold.


YYE was supposed to get them like mid September…I wonder what happened.

I don’t know why Duncan wouldn’t make a ton of them. They’d sell like hotcakes.


They were not selling at Worlds. I heard multiple members of the Duncan crew at the Duncan booth complaining about how “no one was interested.” It is an amazing throw. It is one of the smoothest things I’ve ever thrown. I love it. But the $120 price point on a Duncan throw, while necessary for a yoyo like the Barracuda probably intimidated a lot of people that were used to paying $10-$50, maybe like $80 for a typical Screaming Eagle throw.

I have no proof of this, but I’m guessing Duncan went back to the drawing board maybe? Somehow to make the Barracuda more profitable or more marketable? All I know is they were not moving at all at Worlds and the pros at the booth were all discouraged by that fact.


I blame the economy.


I have a feeling that it was a combination of people not really knowing about it, and the price point. Let’s face it, Duncan isn’t CLYW. They don’t have nearly as much hype around their yoyos, and as such people are much less willing to pay a lot of them.


The release on the second run is supposed to be out in the next week or two… It is an amazing throw!


Very underrated yoyo. I was impressed when I played it at Worlds and I was under the impression that they did eventually sell out. Very very smooth.

(Owen) #9

The Barracuda looks soooo sick, I would have bought one had I gone to worlds

(Steve Brown) #10

It’s a really nice yo-yo and I’m super proud of Rafael for designing it…but it’s not a $120 throw.

If Duncan released it at $85, they’d probably sell really well. It does play a little bit slow on the string, similar to most of Duncan’s metals, but it’s really stable and great for counterweight play.

But that said, Duncan isn’t the go-to brand for high-end yo-yos so I think that anything they do in that price point is going to move pretty slow. Hopefully they can get production costs down and lower the retail a bit…I think a lot of people would love this at $85. And I’d love for Duncan to sell a boatload of them and write Rafael a great big fat check so that he can come visit and I can cook him dinner.