Can’t find any reviews for it, can someone please tell me about it?

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I hate the fact that Duncan crammed one into my hand as I was leaving Nationals in 2012. I was fairly impressed with it, to the point where I eventually got my own in March of 2013 prior to my trip to Vietnam, where it went with me. YYE edition. I haven’t found another colorway for this yoyo that I really connected with.

Typical stuff: Smooth, stable. Quite powerful feeling on a throw. It’s very comfortable on grinds, but it’s not the best grinding yoyo, but the shape is very comfortable. The shape inside is very compatible with horizontal play, and it can do finger grinds. I found it to be very agile. The nearest competitor I had to it as far as shape was concerned was my also relatively new H3X, which also had very similar play characteristics. The H3X felt heavy in the air, while the Barracuda felt a bit effortless. I’m not saying this as bad, as I actually preferred the heavier in-air presence of the H3X, but I like to feel the yoyo a bit more as is my preferences. Mind you, I still felt the Barracuda, it just didn’t have the same pull. The Barracuda can also get going super fast if you want it or need it to.

The negative is that the bearing needed cleaning, at least it did for me. This isn’t a big deal for me, as I clean most bearings anyways. Provided the bearing is decent, then that’s not a negative.

Duncan’s been kicking butt and taking names with this model lately, with both 3A and 1A for Worlds. The yoyo also ships with a bouncy ball counterweight, so Duncan is saying this is also an ideal 5A yoyo as well.

Granted, Duncan has a reputation for cheap plastic yoyos, which is how the general public perceives this brand. The “insiders”, that being anyone has been playing around with yoyos for a while, has no doubt seen Duncans way above the $5 and $20 mark… As many players are at this point used to paying $100and up routinely on yoyos, why shouldn’t Duncan have offerings in that market? They do. The Barracuda is certainly worthy of the price tag that it carries.

If you’re into H-type shapes, this one is gonna be good for you. The price is completely justified. It’s a well-rounded yoyo, handling 1A, 3A and 5A, so it’s not a “one-style” bit of gear. Being proficient in 5 styles gives you more value to your purchase.

I’m super pleased with this yoyo. I hope you can be too.

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can´t really give you a huge review, i dont do horizontal yet… i dont really dont do grinds so i cant talk about that.

but from a standpoint of a pretty new yoyoer, i bought the barracuda at worlds… and i tryed A LOT of yoyos there ;D the barracuda was my favorite… its smooth, and pretty “powerful”… the bearing was pretty bad out of the box, it needs to be cleaned, i myself just out another bearing in it.

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I just got a Barracuda (Janos edition)

It’s a great player, no doubt about that.
BUT, to me it just feels cheap, the ano is kinda sticky and the response is not as good as other high end throws

Maybe I’ve been spiled by CLYW/General-Yo/OD/etc, I don’t know