Duncan barracuda jr review

Back in december, I got a birthday gift from my friend containing:

The Barracuda JR!



The barracuda is a yoyo that I have heard a lot about, but never seen or played. This is the miniaturized version of this yoyo. I would be interested to talk to somebody who has both. Anyways, back to the Jr.

Diameter: 52.95 mm
Width: 40.15 mm
Gap: 4.5 mm
Weight: 63.4 g

This yoyo is definitely a undersized yoyo. Not 888 undersized, but smaller than normal. It is also a slim yoyo, making it a great pocket throw. It is also a light yoyo at 63g, but on the string it feels like a 64-66g throw. It is a fun little yoyo, feels zippy and happy. The stability and spin times aren’t the best, and it feels like there is less weight on the rims. This is sometimes a welcome change from today’s competition bimetals. The finish is a nice finish, not the best for grinds but can certainly do them. The color is great, a purplish-blue that shifts in the light.

The packaging was the standard duncan box. The response out of the box and after many hours of play is grabby and snaggy unless I use thinner string. The bearing, when I got it was locked up in a way that I couldn’t make work even with an acetone bath or lube. Once I replaced it with a konkave I had lying around it was good to go. Otherwise the yoyo was great other than a hairline scratch on one rim.

In conclusion, this is a fun little yoyo that I want to toss in my pocket every day and play. I wish the gap was a little larger and that the QC was a little higher but otherwise, I love it and totally recommend it!

Ill add pics when I get home if i’m not lazy