New Duncan Barracuda JR, Orbital & Pandamonium!



The little brother of the legendary Barracuda is now available! The Barracuda Jr. may be smaller in size, but make no mistake, it really packs a punch!

On paper this yo-yo is on the smaller side, weighing only 63 grams with a 53 millimeter diameter, but it offers up some serious performance. The Barracuda Jr’s weight distribution gives it a nice powerful spin and stability that might even rival the full sized Barracuda! It has a fast and easily maneuverable feel that we just can’t get enough of.


Tal Mordoch rolled into the European Yo-Yo scene like a thunderstorm! He won a championship title after competing in the European Yo-Yo Competition just three times and with his new signature yo-yo in hand he successfully defended his title this year. The Orbital!

The Orbital has a 7075 aluminum body with stainless steel rings that give it a perfect balance for competition tricks. Tal wanted a signature yo-yo made specifically for stability and long spins and that’s what the Orbital delivers! This yo-yo is a powerhouse, the bi-metal design keeps it fast and maneuverable on the string while still holding spin through long combos.


Duncan has been hard at work creating a new signature yo-yo for Sean Perez. With Sean’s energetic and unique style they needed a yo-yo that would change the offstring game, and this is it! The Pandamonium!

The Pandamonium is a competition oriented design with a really fun feel. It is machined from Delrin for superior durability and a soft grind finish. The stepped profile combined with a relatively center heavy weight distribution offers a nice feel in the hand and a maneuverability that is unmatched. This yo-yo can perform all your favorite offstring elements and was designed to excel at finger spins, horizontals, regens, and grinds.