Barracuda X or Yoshicuda X

Need y’alls opinion on which you prefer and why?



I have a barracuda x and it’s incredible. The yoshicuda has a smaller diameter iirc, so its gonna be a lil bit quicker and easier to run through protrusions and chopsticks, elements that have small space for the yoyo to land . I would buy both and just sell the one you like less :joy:

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I am bumping this to see if anyone has any thoughts on this one . Kind of like a bigger diameter most times but I like some extra weight also . I’m confused . Lol

I like smaller yoyos, and I like dense feeling yoyos, this is pretty much the yoshicuda. I have both of these and I prefer the yoshicuda, it feels quite different from the barracuda. All of duncan’s recent releases have been stellar, but the yoshi and exit8 are easily my favorites.


So you can feel a pretty significant difference in the weight between the two then?

Yes, it is noticeable but not an extreme difference. It might be emphasized by the smaller diameter, the specs have changed on the most recent yoshi so its hard to say how different it will feel.

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Heads up the revised version is lighter.

Many other small changes too. Maybe @bjardin could hit us with new stats.:sunglasses:


Any play impressions yet of the differences? :slightly_smiling_face:


So far I enjoy the revision. Still not at a point I can quantify yet. Tomorrow’s my day off, let the jam begin!

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Changes made:
Larger/thicker weight rings
Thinner aluminum walls
Slightly larger gap
Slightly lighter
Slightly wider

As compared to the other(which I really enjoy) this has less heft and more float to it. The thinner walls/thicker rings result in pushing more weight to the edge. This makes it more stable and much more comfortable to throw.The increase in gap width is greatly welcomed, as that was something I felt needed a improvement. The previously tighter gap caused a lot of snaggy binds. Binds are still tight, but not alarmingly so. The classic Barracuda shape is still present, and as far as I can tell has not been altered.

A great pleasure to throw. Almost as if it got the “GTX” treatment.

IMO-I don’t have laser guided measuring abilities😎


Thank you for the comprehensive impressions!

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The gap widths for these two yoyos are listed on YYE as:

Barracuda X: 4.68mm (0.18")
Yoshicuda X: 4.58mm (0.18")

So aside from both yoyos being listed with the same value in inches but different values in millimeters, 0.18" is actually equal to 4.572mm. So something is off with these listings.

Does anyone know what the actual gap widths are for these two yoyos?

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I bet @YoYoExpertGarrett could tell us. I think those are the specs for the YoshicudaX released at worlds- not the revised one that Just came out.