Duncan String?

Hey all!

Wasn’t quite sure which category to place this in so I hope it’s the right one, but I was just wondering what yellow string Duncan uses for their higher-end throws. I got a Grasshopper GTX yesterday and it came with a tall and fat yellow string, but the thing is is that it’s actually really great string in my opinion. Holds tension very well and has hardly frayed since throwing it early yesterday (probably 3-4 hours of play now). Does anyone know what they use or is it just their own Duncan brand or? Almost feels like Kitty but I have tall and fat Kitty and it doesn’t hold up nearly this well.




I found some online just now so i’m buying a bulk lol. Especially for that price too

We are releasing a pro string and the string that comes with our metal yo-yo.

Both will be good! But yes, you can’t beat the 100 bundle string, lol


Okay i’m sorry little confused, so the string that came with my Grsshopper GTX isn’t the yellow Duncan string you can purchase in bulk but a string you will be releasing in the future?

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The one that goes to all our metal yo-yos are not being sold online ‘yet’.

The 100 pcs poly we are selling - this is a different blend made in Mexico, also this is a lot shorter.

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Okay awesome, thank you for the clarifications! Can’t wait for that string to be released, I think its going to surprise a lot of people with how good it is

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