Grasshopper GTX String

I recently bought a Grasshopper GTX (based on positive reviews in this forum) and find it to be a blast. I really like the string that came with the yoyo - it feels (to me) somewhat stiffer than the more stretchy Kitty String (Fat) and also thicker. I wanted to order more of this string but am not able to find out what string it is - the manufacturer’s website and other vendors don’t seem to list it in their specs. Does anyone know what string it is? Thanks.

Duncan Bulk Yellow Poly is so Underrated.


just going to throw it out there that the manufacturer of the Grasshopper GTX has their bulk polyester string in stock.

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At least I would assume the string they include with their yoyos is the same as their bulk poly they sell directly.


Didn’t realize it is their bulk poly string. Thanks for pointing this out.

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Thanks! I will take a look at this.

Thanks. When I looked at their website, I did see the bulk poly string, but it looked kinda nondescript and thought that there may be something fancier for their more expensive yoyo…