Duncan poly yoyo strings

Whats the deal with these? No specs provided but thats a great price considering their cotton strings are way more expensive.

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I like them, but strings do change from a supplier. They are not as long as some strings, so maybe not for the very tall. I take out the pre-made loop and and shorten just a little. The feel is satisfactory to me, hold tension ok.


Most underrated strings out there and pair well with Duncan’s red response pads. These come with today’s modern Duncans and the stock length works for me, they are around 110-112 cm with finger loop. For the price they are a great value and last me a couple of days. I would consider them a “Normal” thickness as compared to Kitty Fat.


I’ve tried it before, the texture feel a bit rough but holds tension well. It might be on the shorter length but for me it does a job. On the other hand janos only uses these strings specificallythe yellow ones.

I got a Grasshopper GTX yesterday and this string came with it. Has held up now for over a day and a half with little to no fraying and holds tension pretty well too. Think I’m gonna look for some online to buy since Duncan’s site doesn’t sell it anymore. And you’re right they do pair extremely well with Duncan red pads I’ve noticed

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