Duncan Skyhawk.

Duncan Skyhawk comes with flip side bearing technology as you know.

The question is should a beginner first use an A size bearing or use the C size bearing.

Oh and what string should you use… Should string be used depending on what bearing you use.

The bearing use is all preference. I don’t think it makes any difference in ease or difficulty in play. Likewise, string is a preference issue.

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Yes its preferences but read somewhere that with C size bearing and normal or thin string it doesn’t binds well.

I’d say the Skyhawk with a C bearing performs a “normal” bind as well as any yo-yo with that combination however for offstring binds that involve whipping the string into the gap you’re going to get more consistent results with the smaller bearing/gap. I can’t do that kind of bind, so I play with the C bearing because it’s what I’m used to.

The skyhawk with a C bearing handles snazzy binds really well. If you are having trouble with them, it’s practice you need, not a smaller gap. You are definitely right that a smaller gap leads to more consistent binds, but you have to be careful not to become dependent upon thin gaps to bind for you. I got the technique down myself by playing with a Fiesta XX with extremely worn pads. When I finally replaced the pads it felt like cheating.

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