Duncan Pro Z wing spacer troubleshooting

Hey all!

This is my first post on this forum, and im happy to be here :slight_smile:

I just recently got back into (yoyo-ing?) so i went out and bought 2 of the Duncan Pro Z’s. One for myself and a friend. http://yoyoexpert.com/blog/duncan-pro-z-yo-yo-with-mod-spacers/

After a bit of reminding ourselves of our youth, we decided to try out the spacers that Pro Z boasts. (the spacers allow the yo yo to function as a “wing” type, for string tricks) Well my friends yo yo worked perfectly, but mine seems to be stuck in the eternal “sleep” so it wont come back to me. I attempted to use my friends spacers thinking there may be something defective with my friction sticker but to no avail. I also tried double looping the string, still no luck.

My question is, is there some sort of adjustment or maintenance i can perform on the the bearing, or maybe the string. I’ve only had for two days, but have used it constantly.

This is called unresponsive play.  yoyos now a days don’t come up with a simple tug, you need to utilize what is called a bind to return the yoyo to your hand.  almost all yoyo’s made today will need to be binded to return them


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This, ^

Interesting that one was unresponsive and one was responsive.

Have fun learning!

Yes unresponsive is the way most play …However, if you really want it to come back with a tug, all you need to do is lube the bearing ;D . A drop of lube and that baby will come back with a tug no problem, just the tiniest drop.

After you have played it for a while, it will become unresponsive again. Learn to bind if you like or add another drop of lube. Whatever you do just be certain too have a lot of fun!

By the way, welcome to YYE :wink:


I would say:

You’ve worn our the friction stickers, which you should replace with longer lasting silicone stickers.

I’ve also cleaned my bearing out to help encourage it to be unresponsive, as well as swapping to a centertrak AND slightly wider spacers.

Learn to bind right away! Have fun!

Wow! Quick response!

@johnnyrocks!!!I watched that video and it was alot of help, i already practiced it quite a bit with little success :-\ but hey ill keep practicing.
@skitrz Thanks as well for the tip regarding lubing the bearing, i will definately keep that in mind.

Im already thinking of upgrading to a higher standard yo yo.

Thanks for the help, you’ll be hearing more of me as i continue to become stumped. lol!

Hey, don’t put down the ProZ so fast. I’ve actually been carrying mine around a lot and playing it a lot. While I don’t think it’s gonna win any competitions, they are a load of fun and some days I’ll just use that.

I mean, yeah, I like the expensive stuff, but come on, an $8 throw? I’m keeping it real!(Real cheap!)

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I bought a ProZ for my 10 year old son for his birthday and I’m certain I’ve thrown it many more times than he has. A great $8 yo-yo in my opinion.

As far as your question about the yo-yo not coming back to you with a tug I’d take it all apart and reassemble it. It’s possible that something isn’t seated properly causing the gap between the yo-yo halves to be too wide. Try this. Throw a sleeper straight down in front of you. Give the yo-yo a tug straight up. Does the string try to wrap around the yo-yo? If it does my guess is the string gap between the halves is wider than it should be.

The silicone stickers that come stock in the ProZ shouldn’t be worn out after such a small amount of play. Putting lube in the bearing would certainly help but again, I don’t think it would be necessary yet.

Edit- And welcome to the YYE forum! Have a look around, lots of cool and informative stuff here.

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like everyone else has said, the ProZ should take you fairly far, but if your heart is set on getting a new yoyo, the YoYoFactory Protostar is one of the best yoyos i have ever used, and only 35 dollars.
and for a bit cheaper the Adegle PSG or Asteroid at 16 dollars are nice to, but i would still recommend the protostar over it.

Hey all

          I just wanted to take a sec and say that everyone was a huge help, I learned the technique to the bind return with minimal success (major knotting). I decided for now to lube my bearings to make learning tricks a bit easier. 

           Already got the basic down, EXCEPT: the UFO continues to evade me. Ive learned the trapeze and working on smoothing out the Brain twister. The video's on this site are phenomenal. 

           Again thanks for all the awesome input, ill be back  ;)