Duncan Parts Box Question

To anyone who owns the Duncan Parts Box, are the compartments large enough to fit a bottle of YYF Lube in? I’m thinking about getting one, but the ability to store my lube in it is a crucial factor. Thanks in advance!

I like the concept of the Duncan parts box, but I didn’t like the concept of the price.

I went with these Plano compartment containers that I got at Home Depot. I can’t find them on their web site. The 3600 was a bit too small so I went with the larger one for a few dollars more. This holds a lot of stuff. I have lots of bearings, string cutters, tools, replacement responses, spare parts and quite a few other things. If I wanted to, it would easily fit my tubes of VM4 and YYF Thin and thick lube. I keep the lube in my YYE medium bag since that goes with me almost everywhere so if I need to lube my yoyo or one of my kid’s yoyos, I’m ready.

It costs less you can customize it to an extent, and you can get it right now if you wanted to. Then layer it up with stickers!

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I was also looking at some of the boxes Home Depot has, alright selection and decent prices. I like the looks of the Duncan box, but maybe I’m best off getting something more ‘universal’. Thanks for your post!

not sure how much the plano compartment containers are over there, but I got a tackle box from sports challet for $3 and it worked wonderfully. The compartments were customizable, and it fit everything perfectly, while still being able to fit in my case. enough room for lube, flowable, bearings, etc.