Duncan Orbital vibe help

So i have bought a duncan orbital. At first, it played great with little or no vibe at all. But then it hit the ground two times and now it vibes a lot. I have tried to lube the bearing and there aren’t any dings on the yoyo but it doesn’t work. The orbital still plays really great but those vibes are really annoying. So, any help, please?

Hitting the ground with a bi-metal can shift the metal rings and cause vibe. Check to make sure both rings are pushed in place.

Also check to make sure the axle isn’t bent.

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Thanks! The axle is fine, but how to know if the metal rings are shifted and how to fix them?

You would have to examine the yoyo closely, looking at the seams to see if there is obvious misalignment. You say the axle is fine. Did you remove it from the yoyo and roll it on a flat surface? That is really the only way to tell. Visual inspection may not give the true answer. If it rolls smoothly w/o wobble it is ok.

I have fully checked the axle and it’s fine. There is only a small scratch on the rim. My torque has more terrible dings and it still plays smoothly after being lubed. So, i still don’t know why my orbital vibes so badly? Any help?

Lubing usually doesn’t fix vibe just so u know. U could try tuning the yoyo. U adjust the axel and rescrew it until it has less or no vibe. And switch the bearing around too.