Duncan Magnetude


Today was the first that I seen this yo-yo  :o
Do any of you have it?
What do you do with the magnets?



You get a pair for 3A and do cool gyro tricks. Or stick them to stuff.

(DOGS) #3

Or, use the included magnetic counterweights.


The write-up says that the sidecaps have magnets in them as well as the counterweights.

Featuring a precision machined aluminum body and polycarbonate spinning sidecaps, Magnetude™ is designed to take your tricks to a whole new level. Designed by inventor and yo-yo pro Zach Lytle, Magnetude™ features magnetic sidecaps that make impossible tricks possible! Magnetize your tricks by pairing Magnetude™ with magnetic counterweights (included) or another Magnetude™ yo-yo!

(M.DeV1) #5

For $131 I won’t be picking one up anytime soon. I was hoping it would be somewhere in the 50-80 range.


I thought that there would have been much more interrest about this yo-yo here. It is not just a new yo-yo. It is very different.


I would think there could be problems with magnetizing bearings worth caps like that


It is meant for 3A and does have a lot of possibilities, even simply with 5A and 1A. I suppose it has just not gained the popularity expected.


I want one but its too expensive