Duncan Magnetude - First Look

(Steve Brown) #1


Sweet :smiley:

The shape reminds me a bit of a Drop Bear. Significantly heavier than it though. Interesting ideas with the magnets!

Edit: Three different holes in the counterweight is stellar too! Wouldn’t mind that on normal CW’s


are those stacks?


yes but thy have magnets in them too, as far as I know.


pondering the purpose. Look like a fun throw tho!


A while back I saw a video or two of something like this (by Duncan)… Absolutely intriguing and just plain out of this world.


Magneto had something to do with this…

I heard he had a yo coming out for him


If you’d all just follow the link pretty much every one of your questions would be answered. You can see the concept in action, as well as a 2nd place BAC 3A video of it back in 2010.

YoyoNews is some boss quality stuff anyway. :wink:


That vid is of g5s


wow looks fun , cant wait!


I never said they were Magnetudes in use. I said the concept, the magnets, could be seen in action.

I want some of those CWs with three holes and no magnets in them. Would be awesome.


Edit: Whoops, didn’t see the video was already in the yoyonews link.

(Owen) #13

Freaking finally this is coming out. Ive only had to wait my whole yoyo career for this to happen.


Magnetic counterweights? First.

Haha, just kidding :slight_smile:

I’m really excited for these to come out. Ever since I saw that magnetic stacks video I’ve been pumped. Although, those stacks look really heavy…


I more interested on the small bearing rather than magnets.

it’s a cool concept though…


looks like we’ve got the Full Metal FHZ, and I dont mean the Metal Zero. This actually has proper pads. Nice!

(UmeNagisa) #17

I’ve been waiting for this :slight_smile:


This is awesome! I’m really glad to see Duncan stepping up their game. I can definitely see this one becoming a collectors item. Excited to see the Strix too.


The YWET is already basically a full metal FHZ.


Yes, shape wise. But it also has really weird internals, such as a strange response and C bearing. This is just like a full metal fhz with proper pads.